Cidco Flat Agreement

b) If the seller of the dwelling is not available to allow the document to be executed, the sub-chancellor generally authorizes registration by the buyer, who is the current owner, by a declaration with a tax stamped Rs.100/- and against the payment of the registration fee of 1% on the value of the dwelling at the time of the execution of the document. Years: in the case of land awarded by CIDCO to a contractor on the basis of the maximum offer, the premium to be paid by the owners is the market value of the land and a contractor of a tendering ground is authorized by CIDCO to sell the dwellings to the buyers envisaged and to have a rental contract directly on behalf of the company. Therefore, the CIDCO NOC transfer should not be necessary in the event of payment of a transfer fee for the resale of a dwelling in a company on a tender. In such cases, CIDCO may be intimate about changing the member`s name and, in the event that CIDCO applies for transfer fees, the matter must be discussed with CIDCO so as not to insist on the same thing in such cases. Q (156): This relates to your clarification from last week`s DNA, Navi Mumbai, that service charges for housing in a company should not be based on built-up land. How can this be remedied if, despite the provisions of Act 67 to 72, the company insists on surface-related service charges? The company required both forms under the provisions of the Bye Laws of Companies. By making the licensee a designated member of the company, you do not lose ownership of your dwelling or any right, title or interest to him in any way, such a nominating member does not acquire any rights, as a member of the company. I bought an apartment in Kharghar at Maitri Developers and the name of the building is Maitri Planet in the dry. 35H, Builder says he has not yet received the definitive seed from CIDCO.

It`s a long time, when can we wait for CIDCO`s OC? (a) If a document was duly stamped and convicted in January 2002 and could not be registered for any reason, it may be registered at the time of the purchase of the dwelling with a confirmation certificate with stamp duty Rs.100/- at the time of payment of registration fees of 1% of the value. 1) Development contract between the company and the owner I plan to buy a 3BHK apartment at CIDCO Valley Ship Project from existing owners who already have their own semi-detached house in the Mumbai navi area. Now, according to the CIDCO rule (when applying for housing in this CIDCO project); a person with his or her own home in the Mumbai navi zone cannot apply for this project; but even after that, it allocated flat in this CIDCO project. In this scenario, I want to know the risk of buying in the future, if at all? c) Will I be the full owner of the apartment on registering the agreement for resale and obtaining membership in the company and certification on my behalf? Hello, I try to buy an apartment in navi mumbai kamothe building name is blue heaven, but the company is not registered because the land is not transferred by the owner. I would like to ask you: , is to save buy an apartment in the blue sky and what all the documents I have to check before buying and give the Q tokens (158): I booked an apartment in Sanpada in 2006 and my problem is that the owner rs.2.00,000/- for open parking, although, like the law, it cannot sell open car parks, as well as stelzen parks.