Global Rescue Member Services Agreement

IMG®, the world`s leading provider of global travel services and insurance, has developed the industry`s most comprehensive product for adventurous travellers. Signature Travel InsuranceSM is the perfect add-on to your global lifeline membership, offers coverage against a variety of unexpected expenses during your trip and offers you the added comfort of knowing the true value of your trip if something goes wrong. Their membership in global Rescue cannot currently be processed. Please contact Global Rescue directly at (800) 381-9754 or (617) 459-4200 between 9am and 5pm EST or e-mail If you are involved in a family, fill in the information for one (1) spouse and up to four (4) dependants. You can also contact Global Rescue with any additons or changes after the account is created. Global Rescue Family Memberships includes families with up to 4 dependent children under the age of 18 (or up to age 23 if your child is enrolled full-time). Climatologist Dr. John All researched the Himalayas when he fell 70 feet into a crevasse. As a member of the American Alpine Club, Dr. All could crawl in his tent, but he had suffered very serious injuries. He sent an SOS satellite message to call Global Rescue, and we did a successful field rescue with rotary-wing aircraft, and we sheltered him at an altitude of 19,700 feet. “I highly recommend Global Rescue to all my friends and family, or to anyone who travels.

The services I received from Global Rescue helped me get the care I needed to make a full recovery. A. Yes. Global Rescue has been a pioneer in field rescue and our medical teams understand that an injury in a remote location can have serious consequences. Any illness or injury that leads to emerging management is covered by your membership. They do not need to be hospitalized to cover our emergency services. Global Rescue is internationally recognized as a leading provider of advisory, ground rescue and evacuation services. Our obligation to assist members of the time of illness or injury, however distant it may be, and our promise to evacuate to the hospital of your choice is second to none. For more information, go to “If you`re a back-country adventurer, your global Rescue membership should be at the top of your business list.” -Wade Boggs, Baseball Hall of Famer and Global Rescue Members Medical and Security Emergences pass.

If so, we rely on Global Rescue, the world`s leading organization that provides our travellers with medical, security, security, travel and rapid response services. Without Global Rescue membership, an emergency evacuation could cost you more than $100,000. That`s why more than a million members trust Global Rescue to bring them home if the worst happens. Don`t travel without Global Rescue. “I recommend [Global Rescue` services to all those who are far from home.” -Jon Turk, Global Rescue Member “I can`t congratulate you enough… I would have died if you hadn`t come to save me. Q. If I have to be saved from the point of injury or illness (rescue in the field), Global Rescue will pick me up, even if I don`t need to be hospitalized afterwards? Global Rescue offers medical advice, field rescue and evacuation services worldwide. With only $119 in membership, Global Rescue will conduct a field rescue due to illness or injury and evacuate members to the hospital of their choice.