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Independents are companies that are in the organization of financing and sales, production, marketing and licensing of films and television programs, and rely on a complex network of third-party relationships with all types of distributors and exhibitors in as many locations as possible in the world. This independent business model, used by Independent Americans who do not control their own distribution, is in stark contradiction to the major studios and global online platforms of the United States, capable of financing themselves and owning or controlling their own distribution and publication worldwide. An independent film or television program is primarily funded by sources outside the seven major U.S. studios. Independent entertainment programs are made in every budget area, from mainstream advertising to the Kunsthaus, and are seen by the public side by side with large studio publications. IFTA member companies are independents that finance, license and produce this programming. In 1980, a group of independent producers founded the American Film Market and the AFM`s parent company, the non-profit American Film Marketing Association, to develop the independent film business. In 2004, the organization changed its name and expanded its scope to television with the creation of the Alliance for Independent Film and Television. [6] Finally, some of the world`s best-known films have been produced, distributed and funded by IFTA members: Milk (2008); The Reader 2008: The Wrestler Doubt (2008) Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008); W (2008); Twilight (2008); Defiance (2008); I`ve Loved You So Long Burn After Reading (2008) (2008); Inglourious Basterds (2009); Taken (2009); paranormal activity (2010); Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010); insidious (2011); The Lincoln Lawyer (2011); The Hunger Games (2012); Now You See Me (2013).

A cat. : Advocate AFI FEST American Film Market Business Business Contact Details finance forward IFTA Independent film Independent Film – Television Alliance Jean Prewitt Los Angeles Microsoft pdf Person Career President-CEO Quotation Technology www.ifta-online.org www.IFTA-online.org.About The Independent Film – Television Alliance (IFTA) is the trade association that represents companies that finance, produce and license independent film and television programs around the world. The association is headquartered in Los Angeles, but has global membership and a wide range of services and interest groups. The 150 member companies in 23 countries include independent production and distribution companies, salespeople, television companies, studio companies and financial institutions. IFTA members create more than 500 independent films and countless hours of TV programming each year, generating $4 billion in revenue per year. Overall, independents have produced the most jobs in the film industry, movies and films at the Oscars over the past quarter century. IFTA members produced and distributed as many Oscar winners as Gandhi (1982). Amadeus (1984); Platoon (1986); 1987: The Last Emperor (The Last Emperor) Driving Miss Daisy (1989); Dances with Wolves (1991) (1995) The English Patient (1996); Shakespeare in Love (1998); Chicago (2002); 2003: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Million Dollar Baby (2004); Crash (2004); 2006: The Departed No Country for Old Men (2007) Slumdog Millionaire (2008), The Locker, (2009); The King`s Speech (2010); and The Artist (2011). The freedom of independents to produce and distribute films and television shows has been threatened by a handful of consolidated media companies that control programming and distribution.