Tenant Dog Agreement

In case of damage caused by pets with or without specific “pet clauses”, the tenant remains responsible. The owner is always protected if the pretty little Daisy decides to scrape the live of your newly equipped carpets and/or misjudge the corner of the living room for a dumping place. I always paid the rent on time – even once he had asked for it so he could pay his vacation expenses, and I said well. Always kept clean, never was noisy, etc. I`m sure overall it would be a good type of tenant? Apart from the unique incident that I myself paid for the cost of detergents and that I self-cleaned myself – I don`t think the cost of cleaning some bandages he did are damage he has to live on until he can find someone to clean the carpet (since I`m sure he`ll fetch the most expensive ones) would be somewhere near $250. But I have a tenant who will leave in the spring. I received a complaint about the tenant dog, which is a very large breed and it comes to the conclusion that it is in everyone`s interest that the dog goes. I wrote to the tenant and they refuse to remove or leave the dog. The rent is over, but because they pay their rent, I have to give them two months` notice. My insurance on the ground is only effective if my lease is effective and I am afraid something is going on.

I have terminated the pet clause with the tenant in writing and I have set a date for the removal of the dog. that date has passed. It won`t discourage me from being a nice landlord for tenants with pets, but it`s an unwanted puzzle. No one seems to be able to give concrete advice on what I can do next. Any ideas? In theory, your rental agreement could therefore refer to a pet directive that sets out pet clauses. Remember, the Pet Directive acts as the equivalent, it is NOT a replacement for a rental contract. Whether you market your property as “pets” or not, it is almost inevitable that as a landlord, you will meet a tenant with a bag of flea malt at some point. Often, tenants will be in advance because you are a pet owner, and if you are not, it is not uncommon for tenants to move anyway into their most valuable possessions. Instead of asking people to get rid of pets (it`s not just about pets and the likely hood is that it could be destroyed and defend themselves if the pressure is on them), why not tell tenants that they have to sign another agreement, that if the animal does damage, they must wear, in addition they must have cleaned the carpets in the house professionally when they need to clean.