Une Professional Staff Collective Agreement

This is the first step in the direct and sustainable monitoring of other professional engineers. OR The first step of complete specialization, the application of sophisticated engineering knowledge in the design and execution of projects with a space for independent realization and coordination of difficult and responsible tasks. I am referring to the university`s request for approval of the aforementioned collective agreement. I would like to make the following commitments: (f) A worker who is professionally active under this clause may be compensated for reasonable travel and other additional expenses, as the employer deems appropriate. (a) professional/professional development is a shared responsibility between management and workers who require joint planning and joint investments; (a) the parties to this agreement recognize that participation or participation in conferences, conferences, symposia, workshops and similar meetings contribute to maintaining high professional standards; In short, if expectations and performance are consistent with the employee`s compensation margin descriptor, all merits awarded to the employee in the annual salary review should be consistent with the performance officer (in SAM 4.03 and the CRPEG collective agreement). However, if expectations and performance coincide with the nearest descriptor, the employee should quickly move to the immediately higher level. If this level of performance is maintained and is expected to continue, staff should be considered for promotion to this higher level. For salary levels of 4 to 6 CSE, an employee`s performance may exceed the requirements for defined objectives and objects, but transportation still cannot be justified. This can happen because the performance does not match the next descriptor at a higher level. For this reason, the employee`s salary may go beyond the control salary. When a worker participates in a recruitment process, including the regulatory mechanism for all credit rating agency personnel processes or for a position in the public service within the meaning of the Federal Public Sector Industrial Relations Act, including, where appropriate, the appeal procedure, the worker is allowed to leave with pay the period during which the worker`s presence is necessary for the purposes of the process, for a period that the employer deems appropriate for the worker to go to the place where the worker is requesting.

This also applies to a staffing process related to a permanent operation/transverse. 8.07 The Company undertakes to grant access to the bulletin rooms for the use of the facility. It goes without saying that detachments, which can be controversial, are discussed with child care staff prior to secondment. (a) Where schedule “A” rates of pay have a validity date before the date of the signing of the collective agreement, the parties agree, if both parties agree, to open the collective agreement only to the extent that they agree to incorporate and amend the EWSP text. These re-openings are not intended to vary other elements – the only purpose is the changes related to the EWSP. The EWSP program would only be included in the relevant collective agreements as a reopening. In the event of dismissal, the parties will endeavour to reach an agreement on VTP within 10 days of the start of VTP negotiations and, if possible, to implement the programme before decisions are issued.