Postnuptial Agreement Washington State

There are several reasons why a couple might choose to enter into a post-uptial agreement. The first is that they have not entered into a conjugal agreement before marriage, but that they decide on the basis of the marriage they wish. Sometimes a couple may set out to make a marital arrangement before marriage, but run the time to conclude it before the marriage, so that they sign it as a post-marriage arrangement after the marriage. When couples come to us just before a wedding and ask for a marriage agreement, we often advise them to do so as a post-uptial agreement, in order to avoid further conflicts over whether both parties had sufficient time to make decisions and seek counsel, or that one of the parties felt pressured to sign the agreement because of the impending date of the marriage. If you`re thinking of a post-nuptial agreement in Bellevue, Washington, the following takes a look at what you need to know and how to create one. Get a lawyer represented in Molly B. Kenny`s law firm to make sure the agreement is fair and applicable – call us at 425-460-0550. A post-marriage agreement is an agreement between a couple after marriage on what will happen if the divorce or one of them dies.¬†Postnuptial simply means “after marriage.” Andrea Vacca wrote a good article about post-up agreements in New York, and much of what she wrote is applicable here in Washington. The planning strategy is to determine, before marriage, whether a party has a significant amount of premarital debt and, more importantly, how those debts are paid. Where a spouse has a significant amount of premarital debt, the couple should decide whether the law allows the debtor`s creditors to attack the non-debtor`s collective wealth.

If common ownership of the spouse is available without a debtor, steps can be taken to protect the property. At least the couple should consider entering into a marital contract that clearly identifies and protects the assets separate from the non-debtor spouse. Marriages also provide that, during the marriage, the spouses determine the specific financial responsibilities of each spouse and that they have the corresponding consequences for non-compliance with the contract. This can be a way to ensure that both spouses keep the promises they made before the marriage began. A post-marital agreement must be written in a legal document and it should be noted that there is no obligation or misrepresentation if both parties sign the agreement. These agreements discuss the assets listed and each spouse should be represented by another lawyer, which reduces a spouse`s chance of asserting that he or she has been exploited. Once the lawyer has prepared the document, it must be signed and verified. If you want to create a post-uptial agreement with your spouse, it is important that you have a lawyer on your side. If you are willing to design and file your contract, lawyers from Molly B. Kenny`s law firms in Bellevue can help. We will ensure that the agreement fairly represents your rights.

Contact us today to get started. A post-marital agreement should not be confused with a conjugal agreement. In a post-20th-long agreement, the two partners are already married and enter into this agreement in the event of death or divorce. The purpose of the post-uptial agreement is to determine how the property would be shared and has much of the same content as a separation agreement, unless the spouses are still married.