Shareholding Entrustment Agreement Template

Participation essentially carries the following risks: the company can preserve the privacy of all its information using this agreement. It can help keep all private information confidential to make sure they can do their business without problems. Share Entrustment Agreement Party A: Lian Zheng MinIdentity Card No.: XXXParty B: Dong Xiang JunIdentity Card No.: XXXParty C: Li Xian ShouIdentity Card No.: XXXParty D: Wu Yu CaiIdentity Card No:XXX (The four parties to this agreement are referred to as “party” and collectively “parties”; Party A and Party B are collectively referred to as “effective shareholders”; Party C and Party D are collectively referred to as “entrusted shareholders”): WHEREAS, Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D are shareholders of Zhejiang Yuhuan Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd. (“Yuhuan”), whose party A holds a 23% stake in Yuhuan; Part B holds an 18% stake in Yuhuan; Part C holds a 41% stake in Yuhuan; The D party holds an 18% stake in Yuhuan. Yuhuan currently owns 75% of Zhejiang Yuhui Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd. (“Yuhui”). CONSIDERING that Part C and Part D co-founded ReneSola Limited (“ReneSola”), a legally incorporated limited liability company valid under Cayman Islands laws, and that Part C holds 66% of its shares and part D holds 34% of its shares; Party C and Party D are now proposing to acquire, through ReneSola, all stakes in Yuhui (including Yuhuan`s 75% stake) and to facilitate ReleSola`s listing on the London AIM Exchange. Part A and Part B agree to cooperate with this overseas acquisition and list project. In order to reflect the full contribution of the parties to Yuhuan and Yuhui`s activities and to allow all parties to share the results of this acquisition and listing abroad, all parties will conclude, after friendly negotiations, the following agreement:Section 1 The entrusted shareholders confirm that the effective shareholders are authorized to invest in ReneSola and hold the shares of ReneSola.