Afscme Council 13 Tentative Agreement

4. a gender-neutral contract language and an agreement to meet and consult to identify and discuss best practices for respectful and welcoming employment for transgender, non-sexist and non-binary workers. A month before the current employment contract expires, negotiators from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 13 announced Friday that they have reached a preliminary agreement with Governor Tom Wolf`s government on a new four-year contract. AfSCME Council 13, the largest union employee in the land government, announced on Friday that it had reached a preliminary four-year agreement with Governor Tom Wolf`s government. HAR`s preliminary agreement requires a cost analysis by the state`s independent tax office before the administration can sign a 2016 law. This analysis will examine the annual cost of changes in salaries, benefits, paid leave and working conditions during the term of the contract. A preliminary agreement was reached on 30 May, after months of negotiations between union representatives and Commonwealth officials. The Council`s State Policy Committee 13 approved the agreement unanimously. Collective agreement between the University of Minnesota and AFSCME Locals 3800 & 3801 Council 5, AFL-CIO Clerical & Office Unit Details of the agreement are withheld until all members are notified and must be put to a ratification vote, union spokeswoman Jennifer George said. The vote will take place in the coming weeks, but is expected to be finalised in the coming month. Council 13 negotiators have spent the last few months discussing with the government a successor treaty to the 30 the State of Politics Committee of the Its national political committee approved the preliminary agreement on Thursday, George said. 5. In addition, we have agreed on a meeting and conference on climate change; language that clarifies the use of sick leave for childcare arrangements; a number of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) were moved to certain articles or annexes at the end of the treaty; and referred several topics to the work management committees for further discussion.

Please click on this link or PDF below to view and download it. The union`s current three-year pact included increases of 12.3% over the duration of the contract. The Independent Fiscal Office shamed the contract price at $US 390.3 million over the three-year period. Changes in the health sector, which increased the employee contribution rate, resulted in savings of $13.6 million over the life of the contract. The contract, which expires on June 30, 2023, includes wage increases of 16.75% over the four years without an increase in workers` health contributions. The Commonwealth will contribute more to health costs throughout the term of the contract. “Thanks to a wave of courageous activism by AFSCME members, the Governor of Nevada has just signed a landmark law authorizing 20,000 public servants to negotiate collective agreements. They now have the opportunity to negotiate for a fair return on their work and for the resources their communities need. This is the largest extension of collective bargaining for civil servants in each state since 2003.

Our clerical bargaining committee would like to thank the more than 1,000 members who signed petitions, sent emails, came to rallies, wore green on Fridays and talked about #FightForOurFuture with their friends, colleagues and bosses. Thanks to all your efforts, we have a treaty in which members will make real economic progress. . . .